High Value Cars

3 stepsTo Securing Luxury or Collector Car Insurance

All auto insurance policies are not the same. When you insure your luxury or collector's car you want to make sure you have REPLACEMENT VALUE. We also allow you to choose the repair facility among other important insurance benefits. Learn more.

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Highlights of Coverage

  • Agreed Value Coverage.
  • Exceptional Claims Service: 24/7 service and loss payments within 48 hours.
  • Up to $15,000 of coverage for "loss of use" for rental car, hotel or airfare.
  • Choice of Body Shop: You choose where your car is repaired.
  • Broad Coverage: Coverages include pet injury, lease gap coverage, road service and more.

How Our High-Value Auto Insurance is Different

Unlike most auto insurance policies we give you freedom from delays, freedom to choose your own repair shop and freedom to choose a comparable rental car while your car is being replaced or repaired. When accidents happen away from home, we help you get where you're going.

High Value Car Insurance


How Hatch Insurance Group has a unique perspective on the high-value car.

We understand that not all used cars are the same. We know that a collectible car that has been built over a period of time with painstaking detail can be priceless to it's owner. Our carrier are some of America's foremost insurers of Collector Cars and that gives us a unique perspective on what type of insurance is needed for high-value collectible cars. We know that your choice of body shop, excellent claims service and replacement cost that is in line with the car's real value is important. With our "Agreed Value" coverage, "depreciation" is a word we don't use. You agree what your car is worth from day one and in the event of a loss you receive a check for the agreed upon amount. No hassle. Not even a deductible. At Hatch Insurance Group we can answer all your questions about insurance for high-value and collectible cars. Call us at 801-901-2184 to learn more.


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