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What is a Renters Insurance Policy and what does it cover? Renters insurance policy is for those that do not own a home, but have personal property to protect in the event of theft or damage by fire or water. It also includes a coverage for personal liability designed to protect your assets and future assets from major claims and lawsuits. You have worked hard for your belongings and money, so don’t be caught off guard. Let the professionals at Hatch Insurance Group design a Renter’s Insurance Policy that works for you.
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Renters insurance may be less expensive than you think. For a low monthly payment, you can protect things like your TV, computer, furniture and more. Plus, if you have another policy with Hatch Insurance, you could be eligible for additional savings.

Protection beyond
your dwelling

Hatch Insurance renters insurance protects more than just your belongings.

  • Any property inside your car is most likely covered in the event of theft.
  • Liability coverage is included, protecting you and insured members of your household in the event your actions cause injury to others or damage to their property and you are determined to be legally liable.

We take out
the guesswork.

Determining your exact level of coverage can be challenging. That's why an independent Hatch Insurance agent is here - to make sure you have the coverage you need, and none of the coverage you don't.

Keep a record of your personal possessions

Your personal possessions are special to you. They may actually have a greater value than you realize when you add it all up.

If you should ever have to file a claim, you'll want more than your memory to make sure you receive the full benefit of your personal property coverage. For most of us, trying to list everything that was lost or damaged would be a difficult task. These tips give you an easy, organized way to record detailed information about your belongings, so that you won't forget a thing.

Tips For Protecting Your Belongings:

  • Go room-to-room throughout your home. List and describe all of your belongings in each room. Don't forget your closets.
  • Take photos or a video of each room from different angles. Get close-ups of particulary valuable items.
  • List and describe all electronics, including computers, tablets, digital cameras, televisions, stereo equiment, etc.
  • Make descriptions as specific and deailed as possible. For a laptop example: brand, model, memory capability, size, hard drive capacity, features, etc. For a TV example: brand, model, size, cable-ready, HD, flat screen, etc.
  • Save receipts, warranties, and repair invoices, which can also help provide proof of loss. Put these in the Personal Property Inventory envelope. Store it in a safe place outside your home, such as a safe deposit box.
  • Once completed, keep your descriptions, receipts, photos and other paperwork in an envelope. Store it in a safe place outside your home, such as a safe deposit box.
  • Remember to update your inventory regularly. If you're concerned about having adequate insurance on certain valuables, ask your agent how you can best protect them.


In the event of a claim, additional documentation and information will be required. Read your insurance policy for details about what is required to provide proof for a claim.

Options for Renters Insurance

You can purchase additional coverage - separately or combined into a variety of packages. This will allow you to protect the things that matter to you, without paying for anything you don't need.

Coverage options available:

  • Estates policy
  • Defender policy
  • Securgard policy

You are unique with individual circumstances. In addition to the Options Program, Hatch Insurance Group offers many extra coverage you can add to your renter's policy. For example:

  • Receive extra protection without a deductible by scheduling certain types of personal property such as jewelry, bicycles or cameras.
  • Have a home-based business? We offer specialized coverages to protect your venture.

"I went on a business trip out of state for a few days. When I arrived at my destination, I checked into my hotel room and began to take my luggage from my car to the hotel room. When I went back to my car to get some more items, I realized my laptop computer was gone, someone had stolen it! After settling into my room I called my insurance company to file a claim against my auto policy. They gave me some news I wasn't expecting - they told me that my auto insurance would not cover the theft of personal property from my vehicle. However, because I had a "Renter's" policy I was covered and could file a claim to be reimbursed for the loss. Within a few days of my returning home, I received a check for the value of the computer. I am so glad I had decided to purchase that policy."

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